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About Us


The Alternative Beverage Corporation has brought quality products to the African beverage industry for over 20 years. “Growth through Innovation” is our motto and carries over to our enthusiasm in the brands we own and represent.
As with our name, our products are synonymous with bringing brands to the market that are an alternative to the norm.

From humble beginnings in 1992, the company has grown and developed at a rapid and consistent rate. It is now a well-established distributor and manufacturer of quality alcoholic beverages.

In the last two years, our strength has come to the forefront of the alcoholic industry. This is mainly attributed to the launch and unrivalled success of LOVOKA, the caramel and chocolate vodka brand name in Southern Africa.
LOVOKA has reached unsurpassed achievement in the market and is currently the market leader in the liqueur category.
The quality of this brand has led to the establishment of a true competitor within its market, and as such has carried the company forward to create new and alternative beverages for the modern day consumer.

The Alternative Beverage Corporation aims to provide products of varied taste, price and quality as well as to strive in a way that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We are constantly seeking new products for various segments of the alcoholic market. Our brands focus on the “middle of the range”, “premium” as well as “super-premium” markets. This in turn, provides us with a balance of products that cater to the various consumer tastes and needs of an ever-growing South African market.



  • Lovoka

    Vodka is currently the fastest growing alcoholic category in the world. Inspired by this, AltBev looked to pioneering a unique and great tasting vodka alternative. Lovoka is a flavour infused vodka liqueur. Its variants are produced in both Caramel and Chocolate flavours and the newly released, Creme Caramel flavour. The product is known for its soft and unique contours, with the essence deriving from a smooth and delicious base.

    Lovoka has pioneered the caramel and chocolate vodka industry. Its pristine packaging (which is fully lightweight and aluminium based) is both BPA free and 99% recyclable, ensuring that youre drinking pleasure does not cause others harm. In fact, all our bottles carry the best quality standards and have full FDA and European standards accreditation. It has revolutionised the shooter category and has set an unprecedented trend in the market; so much so, that shooter consumption in on-con venues has increased by 20% all across Southern Africa.

    Its usage is versatile and can be used in an assortment of cocktails, coffees, cooking and baking. Within the restaurant industry itself, it has fast become the pleasurable alternative to after-dinner liqueurs. The alcohol content consists of 30% which ensures that the product is enjoyed by both genders, and thus maintains a consistent and loyal following.

    The product has enjoyed major success over the last two years, and has accumulated a number of awards to show for it. Such accolades include: 2011 - The Good Food and Wine Shows Grand Prix Award, and Product of the YearAward for Best Alcoholic Beverage.

    2012 - Our newly released, Lovoka SILK was also recently crowned the Grand Prix Winner in the Product of the Year consumer survey; this, in addition to its Most Innovative Product Award the same year. Furthermore, Lovoka was privileged to receive the Best Drink to Get a Party Started Award by the Best of Joburg, Readers Choice Awards  2012.

    Infused with triple distilled premium vodka, this liqueur makes for an appetising after-meal drink, a delicious desert topping, a refreshing iced cocktail and above all, a prized party starter.

  • CactusJack

    Tequila is one of the fastest growing liquor categories in the world. In South Africa "Flavoured Tequila" has shown great popularity with consumers and there has been tremendous demand.

    With these two facts in mind, Alternative Beverages seized the opportunity to bring both of these exciting flavours together and to unite the Flavour tasters and Tequila drinkers with a brand new, totally original taste sensation  Flavoured Tequila. The tequila used is of pure and premium standard, and is sourced from the depths of Mexico itself.

    The product is currently sold in four highly popular flavours. These include Bubblegum, Honey, Gold Tequila and the Original Sours blend, with a new and exciting addition to be released later this year. The product has had an amazing response since its re-launch in May 2012. Combined with its daring design and unrivalled packaging, it has taken the youth category by storm.

    Cactus Jack depicts a rebellious attitude; its product intends to denounce authority and to salvage freedom from those who try to suppress it. It pushes the ideology of living young, wild and free. In line with this, stands our highly strategic and engaging activation plans. This, accompanied by an array of tasting sessions throughout South Africas metropolitan cities, will ensure that Cactus Jack becomes a household brand in months to come.

    The products are bottled in the 750ml format. Cactus Jack Original has a 12% alc. volume, Honey has a 24% alc. volume, Tequila Gold has a 43% alc. volume and Bubblegum a 24% alc. volume.

  • LGS

    Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka is a pure sparkling treasure. The Super Premium Vodka is produced in the North of France and made from only the finest ingredients. This elusively seductive elixir is both five times carefully distilled and three times filtered, thus ensuring its distinct freshness and absolute purity. The best French quality grain is used and water is naturally filtered through diamond dust filters to enhance its smoothness and to remove all impurities. Le Grand Saint is a celebratory drink; it is consumed by those who enjoy luxury with a party-filled twist. The product is best served chilled and in a tall champagne glass; it is hosted alongside indulgent mixers and fruitful flavours.

    The products history is as enthused as its quality. Twenty years ago, Henri Berthe the cellar master and creator invented an historical sparkling method in the French Jura region. The quality was so exceptional, that it won several blind taste testing contests against well-known French sparkling wine makers. His passion for great French sparkling wine and spirits inspired him to create a pure and unsurpassed beverage, thus came - Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka.

    Although the products popularity and status has increased tenfold over the last decade, the cellar master still uses an age old method to infuse the vodka into bubbles. This has ensured its distinct heritage whilst still providing for utmost exclusivity. The taste experience is second to none and accompanied by the unique and decorative packaging, Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka is truly a marvellous and befitting vodka. In fact, one sip and you will indulge yourself into a love affair of PURE SPARKLING SATISFACTION.

  • CactusJack

    Slamn It, Damn it!

    Launched in 1999, Slammers Sours Shooters have gone from strength to strength. Slammers Sours combines a sour sherbet bite with a range of delicious natural fruit flavours: Apple, Raspberry, Peach and Blackcurrant. The alcoholic content consists of only 12%, thus ensuring that an all-night party doesnt led to next days hangover. Collect a shooter cap from each flavour variant for your bar and enjoy slamming it at your next party.

    Enjoy Slammers Sours on its own or& WITH FRIENDS!

    Slammer Sours is available at Metro Trade Centre, Liquor City, Ultra Liquor, Spar Tops and most independent bottle stores.

  • GeloShot

    Gelo is a flavour-infused European liqueur, best served ice-cold. A fine selection of Spirit Aperitif, the liqueur combines fresh bergamot with smooth almond flavours. The result: exotic, liquid luxury.

    Carefully made from the purest ingredients, the product is triple distilled for smooth drinking.

    "Gelo" which means "Ice" in Portuguese has a 24% alcohol percentage. Although enjoyed best as an ice-cold shot, Gelo's versatile taste ensures it can be used to make mouth-watering cocktails and desserts as well.

  • Svedka

    Established in 1998, SVEDKA reinvented the vodka category by being the first brand to let consumers have it all - a high quality, premium Swedish import with a stylish and fun brand image at an affordable price

    SVEDKA, made from Swedish winter wheat and distilled five times is also available in Orange Cream Pop, Colada, Strawberry Colada, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Cherry and Vanilla. Our award-winning marketing continues to fuel our record momentum, IMPACT magazine listed SVEDKA as the 3rd fastest-growing and 7th largest Spirits brand in the U.S.

    SVEDKA has won numerous category awards and accolades, including Impact's "Blue Chip" Brand Award (2012), the Fast Track Award at Beverage Information Group's 2011 and 2010 Growth Brand Awards as well as Impact's "Hot Brand" award in 2012.

News centre

2012 Product of the Year awards
The top consumer goods products across a multitude of categories were announced last week at the 2012 Product of the Year awards.

A glittering affair held at Summer Place in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, welcomed over 600 of South Africas top consumer goods experts, media and celebrities...More
Product of the Year 2011 winners announced at gala event
After months of research involving over 5000 consumers around South Africa, the Product of the Year 2011 winners have been announced at a glittering event at Summer Place in Hyde Park.

Product of the Year has enjoyed success for over 25 years and on every... More
Award-winning products announced
The Product of the Year 2012 award ceremony was held in Sandton last night.

The results reflect the choices of 5,000 average consumers from across the country - surveyed by Nielsen - who would purchase these products. The winners in the food and beverage categories... More
Lovoka walks off with R1-million Grand Prix
The Good Food & Wine Product of the Year Awards - designed to develop and grow brands in South Africa's developing but volatile socio-economic environment carries a prize of nearly R1 million worth of development. This year the prize went to Lovoka vodka who walked off with the prestigious Grand Prix Award for 2011. More
Unique Selling Proposition
Alternative Beverages has developed and manufactured some of the most unique ground breaking beverage products on the market. Our Cactus Jack Original Tequila Sours won the international award Most innovative South African product at SIAL, Paris in 2002. From this successful product we have launched several flavour variants including Cactus Blue, Cactus Gold and Cactus Chilli. More
Caramel and Chocolate Liqueur in a Distinctive Aluminium Bottle

Lovoka, available in Caramel and Chocolate variants was quietly launched into the trade on November 27th 2010. The product has proven to be extremely successful with sales growing exponentially month on month.

The entrepreneurial team behind Lovoka noticed a gap for a premium liqueur that would appeal to both the ‘shooter’ market and the ‘cocktail’ shakers.

DGB launch for Lovoka

This extremely smooth Caramel Liqueur achieves the perfect balance between the triple distilled spirit and the best quality caramel.  It can be enjoyed on its own, as a mixer, in coffee or even used to prepare decadent deserts.

The finest quality spirit from South Africa is blended with the smoothest Caramel resulting in the premium liqueur packed in the iconic Aluminium bottle.

Cactus Jack Orginal
Launched in 2000 this flavour sensation - a unique blend of Sours bite, combined with Mexican Tequila - took the market by storm. Cactus Jack Original also wowed judges at the international SIAL food and beverage exhibition in Paris and won a Gold Medal for the most innovative South African beverage product for 2002. More
Avicii South African Tour 2012
Following hot on Deadmau5s heels, we toured Avicii in March 2012. This was another sell out tour with numbers exceeding 25 000 people across Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban. Headline brand sponsor: Lovoka. Other sponsors include: SABMiller, JTI & Red Bull. Brought to you by Anything Goes, H2O & Showtime Management.
David Guetta & Akon South Africa Tour 2011
A highlights package of David Guetta & Akon's tour to South Africa in October 2011 which took place at Thunder City in Cape Town and Wild Waters In Johanessburg. Also featured were locals Poppy Ntshongwana from 5FM Radio, Jax Panik and DJ Dean Fuel from Hype Media as well as international acts DJ Jenny LaFemme and Joe Bermudez. Shot on a Canon 60D with a 50mm f/1.4 lens and a 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens at 720p/50fps. Tracks used in order are: "Repeat" feat. Jessi J, "Sunshine" (David Guetta & Avicii) "Getting Over" feat. Chris Willis
AfroJack at H2O


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